Eirini Seferou
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Eirini Seferou who was born in Greece on January 27, 1987 and passed away on August 01, 2004 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever.
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Her legacy
Tribute to Eirini  

Our beloved Eirini, you left us early, very early, even before the bud of your youth had time to entirely blossom!
You quickly fulfilled your earthly mission, hastily threw off the perishable shell of your soul, and you lightly flew up to the neighborhood of Angels! You flew where there is no pain, sorrow or sigh.
We greatly miss your physical presence, and we look for you day and night; you left a huge void in our lives…
However, we are consoled with the thought that you continue to live in a higher mode of existence, and that your spirit is near us, very near, at every moment. This belief makes the pain of our physical separation bearable. You live, and you shall live forever in our heart and memory. You are, and you will always be, present in our lives.
We thank you, our sweet Eirini, for the happiness you offered us during the years we were privileged to have you among us, healthy, joyful, beautiful, fresh, carefree, clever, and dynamic.
But we are also most grateful to you for the precious spiritual lessons you taught us when you were carrying the heavy cross of your suffering that was your lot, as you were climbing up your personal “Calvary”, in order to taste quickly your own resurrection.
In your pain, you did not lose courage even for a moment, you did not allow a tear to wet your beautiful eyes, you never sighed, you never complained for the heavy weight of the cross you were given to carry, for the bitter cup you were offered to drink from…
You were extraordinarily strong and dignified. Your patience resembles that of Job! You never allowed an “Ah!’ or a “Why?” to come out of your beautiful lips; not even a little complaint!
“I AM FINE, I AM WELL”, you used to assure us whenever we asked you how you were feeling.
And now, blessed Eirini, from the neighborhood of Angels where you are, you continue to whisper to us: “I AM VERY WELL”, thereby giving us strength and courage to continue life’s journey even without your sweet presence…
May your angelic soul have eternal peace, our beloved Eirini!
May your Memory be blessed eternally!

Eirini's Photo Album
Eirini, one day before she was diagnosed with a brain-tumor, on November 13, 2002
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